SHR: Black Sabbath – Live in Paris, 1970

This is the Old Testament of Heavy Rock.

What makes this one so untouchably pure is that it’s everything heavy rock stands for wrapped up into an hour-long eargasm. You don’t have the over-the-top pomp of glam rock, and the music is more technical than old punk without drawing attention to itself like old metal. It’s just 4 dudes with long, thick, greasy, and shaggy hair rocking out to riff-infested heaviness. And it gets bonus points for the vintage camera.

Heavy rock works best with vintage cameras because heavy rock was born in the era of vintage cameras.  That grainy, washed out late ’60s, ’70s filter that we see that era as having been. It just works to call out heavy rock even more than it already is.

Is there anything more to be said? I feel not. The music sings for itself. Listen.

Author: Yuli Ban

I'm an aspiring novelist with a terminal lack of a life.

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