Subterranean Heavy Rock

Long haired, denim-clad kids armed with guitars playing riff-infested rock ‘n roll

Long-haired, denim-clad kids armed with guitars, addicted to riff-infested heavy rock. Good god, man, could you find anything more heavenly?

Subterranean Heavy Rock is looking for true guitarlove, though. This ideal form of hard rock, it’s rather fleeting. We saw the birth of it between 1969 and 1973. A revival occurred in England around 1978 and lasted to 1983. There was another revival in Seattle between 1988 and 1994. It seemed like this back-to-roots style of straightforward and riff-happy heavy rock picked up at the end of every decade, but alas, there was little to see in the late ’90s and late ’00s. You know, besides nü metal and emo. I don’t diss nü metal as much as the other rockists out there since it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, but there’s no doubt it wasn’t interested in carrying the raw heavy rock flag. But this isn’t about that. No, this is about celebrating that timeless heavy rock that never fails to bring some headbanging joys.

I can see SHR as being a cleaner and less depressed version of the grungers. After all, what else is heavy rock but this pure fusion of old school heavy metal, punk rock, ’70s heavy rock, stoner rock, southern rock, SubPop grunge, traditional doom metal, early ’80s thrash metal, proto-punk, proto-metal, early glam metal, heavy alternative, straight hard rock, and heavy psychedelic blues/jazz rock?

I admit. This name was an attempt to circumvent that damned “stoner rock” label in order to save riff-rock from being overlooked. You don’t need to be a stoner to enjoy stoner rock, but the name begs to differ, and bland late-stage corporate rock remains the sound of the radio.

I just need there to be a new scene that revives the old spirits. Some group of young’uns who listen to Saint Vitus and Soundgarden, who decide to get together and fuse Black Sabbath and the Ramones once more, and rediscover true heavy rock.

So amidst all the wankery about futuristic realism, Vyrdism, and whatnot, expect a few ‘heavy rock’ posts here and there. Just to let the hair down.

Author: Yuli Ban

I'm an aspiring novelist with a terminal lack of a life.

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